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[GUIDE] How to edit Max Guild Capacity
Simple steps on how to increase Max Guild Capacity
  • 1. Open up your src folder.
  • 2. You're going to leave two folders open; common and char.
Once that's done,

in /src/common/mmo.h

Quote:#define MAX_GUILD 16+10*6
  • This here is the MAXIMUM GUILD SIZE POSSIBLE. What this means is that 16 stands for the default guild max size, without increasing the guild skill Guild Extension. 10 is assuming the max skill level is 10, and 6 is the amount of guild members each level put into the Guild Extension skill increases.
After that, leave it open.
Now, go to: /src/char/int_guild.c

Quote:g->max_member = 16 + guild_checkskill(g, GD_EXTENSION) * 6; //Guild Extention skill - currently adds 6 to max per skill lv.
  • You may have noticed there is no 10 anymore. That's because it's no longer calculating based on the largest probability. You may edit the 16 (or the basic guild size, without Extension), or the 6 which is the amount of guild members each level of Extension increases.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The purpose of mmo.h is that, whether you edit the 16 or the 6 in int_guild.cYOU MUST HAVE THE SAME VALUE ON mmo.h! Otherwise, you WILL GET A MAP ERROR.

With that said, let's say you want 90, like me.

Your code should look like this: /src/common/mmo.h

Quote:#define MAX_GUILD 20+10*7

and in: /src/char/int_guild.c

Quote:g->max_member = 20 + guild_checkskill(g, GD_EXTENSION) * 7; //Guild Extention skill - currently adds 6 to max per skill lv.
After changing the numbers, recompile your server.
For information on how to recompile, visit this link.

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