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How to edit Flux [info/download/other links] inside PonyWEB Cpanel
1. Look for this PonyWEB Account Information,, on your EMAIL (Inbox or Spam)
[Image: image.png]
2. Login to your Cpanel/WHM Area
[b]Control Panel URL:[/b] [b][/b]
Username: pony-user
Password: pony-pass
3. Then you will see this on your BROWSER.. then click FILE MANAGER
[Image: image.png]
4.  After file manager, you will be Directed to PUBLIC_HTML Area then find, THEMES folder (double click to enter)
[Image: image.png]
5.  Inside THEMES folder, you will see PONY folder (double click again to enter)
[Image: image.png]
6.  Now, inside PONY folder, you will see MAIN folder (double click to enter)
[Image: image.png]
7. Inside your MAIN folder, you will see php SCRIPTS,, the 3 main thing we need to edit is info.php,downloads.php,eAdevconfig.php
[Image: info.png]
[Image: download.png]
[Image: eadev.png]


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