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How to Add Items in Items Shop on Flux Control Panel
[Image: ItemInDonationShop1.jpg?resize=566%2C207]

Many Users ask me the same question again and again, So i thought to write a tutorial. Follow the procedure as written below:
  • First Login on your Flux Control Panel using Admin account ( or you won’t be able to add items in Item shop ).
  • Navigation to link http://yourdomainaddress/?module=item
  • There you will be able to see the list of all the items that are inside your item_db table of your Ragnarok database.
  • Select the item by Clicking the Item Id and Click Add to Item Shop link, which is marked with Green color.
  • Fill the Form with Respect to your requirements and choose the image you want to show in the Item Shop by Clicking choose button in Image Area. It should probably look like this.
  • Then Click Add Button.
  • If Everything goes right, you should be able to see the Item in Item mall/ Purchase area like this.
  • Here you can see some links like Add to Cart / View Item / Modify / Delete, these links will perform accordingly. Like Delete will delete the item from shop, Modify will allow you to modify Item in the shop etc.

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