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[Guide] How to make Login screen
First you need to have an Jpeg image with the size of 1024x768.
[Image: m1.JPG]

1. Use this tool to split the image. Click here.
Step 1. Click Choose files, browse your image.
Step 2. Click BOTH Login Background if you are not sure for your client if it's reading Login or Second Background.
Step 3. Click Convert it!
[Image: m2.JPG]
2. The GRF File will automatically download once you click Convert it button.
[Image: m3.JPG]
3. Let's download the grf tool to open the background,grf, you cand download it here.
4. Once the grf is downloaded. Check it in your download folder.
[Image: m5.JPG]
5. Open your GRF Tool, click open, browse your background.grf, then hit Open.
[Image: m6.JPG]
6. Now you can see the splits images. Select it all and click Extract button at the top.
[Image: m7.JPG]

7. Browse your desktop then hit OK. Note: Make sure you don't have any data folder in your desktop.
[Image: m8.JPG]

9. Now check your desktop! There is a data folder and open it and you will see the pieces of the image.
[Image: m9.JPG]
[Image: m10.JPG]

How to make it Patch? Click here!

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