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[Guide] to make THOR file and How to Upload it on ur PonyWEBHOST
Download the latest thor patcher

1. Look for Tools folder inside your Thor Patcher folder.

[Image: f1.jpg]

2. Open your Thor Generator.exe

[Image: f4.jpg]

3. Click FILE (to update/edit your client.exe) or RO-GRF(to patch/update your server.grf)

[Image: f5.jpg]

4. Click RO-GRF(to patch/update your server.grf) or FILE (to update/edit your client.exe)
[Image: f6.jpg]

5. Click select, browse your desktop, put your anynameyouwant for thor file (on this example we made it firstpatch), then hit save (save it on desktop so u can find it easier).check #6 Image
NOTE: on this GUIDE, we will update your SERVER.GRF (mix-ro.grf)
[Image: f7.jpg]
6. The thor file is now created and located in your desktop.

[Image: f8.jpg]

7. Now click the second select button, browse your data folder, then hit Generate. Note: the DATA FOLDER should contains the file you want to patch or update.
NOTE: Data Folder should contain files like : idnum2itemdesctable.txt (if you want to update ITEM DESCRIPTIONS)

[Image: f9.jpg]

Wait until it finish to generate.

8. Login your cPanel account. Then click for File Manager, if something popout just hit okay.
NOTE: to login on your CPANEL account, find the ACCESS on your EMAIL's INBOX OR SPAM (the email you registered to

[Image: g1.jpg]

9. Look for your patch folder provided by Pony VPS Hosting, LLC. Double click to open.

[Image: g2.jpg]

10. Now you can see the files inside your patch file.

[Image: g3.jpg]
11. Open your data folder. Click UPLOAD button at the top then browse your thor patcher file, the thor file you made from STEP 1 to STEP 7.

[Image: g4.jpg]
12. Let's go back to the patch folder, right click the plist.txt, then click Code Edit.

[Image: g5.jpg]
13. Place your thor patch file name (firstpatch.thor or depends how u named your thor file from STEP 5). Put number 1 at the beginning so that thor patcher will patch it first. Example: 1(space)thorfilename.thor or you can start on 1000, then your next patch/update on plist.txt should be 1001(space)newnamethor.thor)

[Image: g6.jpg]
Now use your Patcher and it will patch the patch file now.


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