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this is very simple, just follow this guide step by step
1. go to START button (see image)
[Image: ping.png]
2. type RUN (see image) and click the RUN under Programs
[Image: ping2.png]
3. Now type CMD (see image) and click OK button
[Image: ping3.png]
4. Now the Command Prompt will pop-out and just type
ping ragnarok-vps-ip -t and see the results.
the result on this is <1ms because its just a localhost. thats why its fast..
Best Results =  160ms,170ms,180ms,190ms
Good Results = 200ms,210ms,220ms,230ms,240ms
Not Good Results (may have 3-5seconds delay in GAME ) = 270ms upto 300ms
Worst Results (may have 10-60seconds delay in GAME) = 350ms upto 1000ms
the example on this image is ragnarok-vps-ip = (its just an example) of ip address.. dont copy that..
use your own RAGNAROK-VPS-IP, which you received from (PonyVPS Account Information)
[Image: ping4.png]

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