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[Guide] How to make GRF for your SERVER
Download GRF builder

1. Open your GRF Builder then click NEW button.
[Image: e1.jpg]
This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

2. Save it to your Desktop so you can find it easily, Put your GRF File name, then hit Save.

[Image: e2.png]

3. Check your desktop and you can now see the grf file created by you.

[Image: e3.jpg]

4. Click Merge Dir.

[Image: e4.jpg]

5. Find your Data folder then hit OK. Your data folder contains all files needed to your server. i.e clientinfo.xml, sprites, texture, luafiles.

[Image: e5.jpg]

6. Wait until it finish merging. Once it's done you can close it and check your grf file in your desktop.

[Image: e6.jpg]


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